Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo Review:

I see Physicians Formula has come to the cushier side of things glamour babes with their new Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo. I spotted these a few weeks back at CVS and purchased both compacts; Yellow/Green and Lavender/Peach. I was becoming a little bored with Physicians Formula, which is why I stopped purchasing their cosmetics. I felt all the makeup was the same, but with different packaging to entice the consumer. Not for nothing, they aren’t exactly cheap for a drugstore brand. I grow tired (as I’m sure you do) of constantly paying for the same blush shade that’s wrapped up in pretty packaging. I want something new and completely out of the ordinary like their Mineral Wear Cushion Correctors! I’ll totally pay $17.99 for them. I know the cushion compacts are a big in Asia. AmorePacific and Etude House (same price range as PF) are just to name a few, and are cruelty free by the way. So I’m glad the cushion compacts are starting to make way in the U.S.

Obviously, this is the first ever Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo Physicians formula has created. Let’s hope they don’t churn out 30 more of the same thing, lol. Less is more. It is a weightless mineral formula that has skin-transforming benefits of color-correction and the skin-perfecting effect of priming in one revolutionary cushion. I have a whole new appreciation for color correctors. I didn’t think they made such a difference until I really got my hands dirty with them and saw an overall improvement in my skins complexion.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo’s come housed in a quilted pin cushion mirrored compact with a dual sided cushion sponge applicator. I thought the pin cushion was such a cute concept. Yep, I got sucked into the packaging aaaagian, lol! Could you Blame me?! At least there is a different product inside.

The Yellow/Green is the correcting compact. Yellow conceals dark circles and dullness, green corrects redness. 
The Peach/Lavender is the brightening compact. Peach brightens darkness, lavender brightens dullness.

The consistency of the corrector/primers are somewhat runny, and apply sheer and soft, almost pastel like. They quickly absorb into the skin upon application and can be worn alone or on top of makeup. The sheer lightweight formula is oddly buildable. Apply as much as you like, it does not get cakey, streaky, or set into fine lines. The all in one ABC (airbrushing+blurring+correcting) cushion instantly corrects imperfected areas such as; dark circles, redness, scarring, and uneven skin tone creating a flawless complexion while lightly hydrating skin. Making the Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector Compacts suitable for all skin types. I use the peach for my scars, yellow for dark circles, green to tame redness due to my scars, and lavender to brighten my skin tone. Hopefully my photo shows you how remarkably well these Compact cushions work. I think I will be switching over to them. I enjoy the lighter formula over the concealer sticks and palettes. My makeup looks more natural, it stays on longer, and my skin is not as oily throughout the day. Plus, there’s SPF 20 to protect skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Skin should be protected all year round boys and gals. That’s how you keep skin looking ageless and beautiful. The only con I have with these compacts are the dual sided sponges. They barely pick up any product and lack control. I found in this case my oval brushes and blending sponges to work far better than those spongey applicators Physicians Formula gives you. Other than that, I have no complaints.

The next time you’re headed to CVS, see if you can spot Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo’s. You won’t go wrong with this purchase, scouts honor.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Wet n Wild Photofocus Concealer and Pressed Powder Review:

Good news glamour babes, actually great news for you selfie queens! Wet n Wild has added new members to the Photofocus line, and its all about coverage, coverage, coverage! With their Photofocus Foundation, Concealer, and Pressed Powders! As I have mentioned before, It’s a rarity to see new makeup releases at the local drugstores (CVS, select Walgreens) near me this early in the year, especially when it’s Wet n Wild. I absolutely love their cosmetics, so when new releases are spotted, I buy! With not a care in the world. The Photofocus Concealer (light ivory) and Pressed Powder (neutral buff) peaked my interest more than the foundation. Into the basket they went, and this time I didn’t forget the toiletries I needed like the last time, lol.

Now what exactly are these supposed to do? Well, from the looks of the packaging, they are meant to help eliminate white particle reflections in face makeup released by flash photography, which creates a white cast in photos. Wet n Wild’s Photofocus Concealer and Pressed Powder (this also goes for the foundation) are specially made with a matte, light-diffusing complex to give your skin #nofilter perfection. The trio has been tested under 7 light conditions with and without the use of flash:

Clear Blue Sunlit Sky

Outdoors PM

Indoors PM

Electronic Flash

Fluorescent Light

Bathroom Light

Nightclub Light.

I have yet to experience photo flashback under my eyes, jaw line, or forehead, I feel that maybe a bit exaggerated, unless there is a blindingly over powering highlighter I missed out on, lol. It’s usually my t-zone that gets in the way of a good photo because of my oily skin. I also did not have the fun, exhausting opportunity to test my skin under 7 light conditions. I thought the bathroom would be the perfect light source, it is the crumbiest lighting in my apartment. You tell me, do I look softer? Any flash back? Does my skin look mattifyingly beautiful? Then I think it’s safe to say that Photofocus works!
Wet n Wild’s Photofocus Concealer ($3.99) has a lightweight, creamy formula that blends in evenly and easily providing medium coverage setting in a matte finish. Don’t be alarmed, when I applied this concealer onto my skin and started to blend, it looked pretty chalky. Let it set for 30 seconds before you have seconds thoughts and curse yourself that you wasted $4, you didn’t. Light Ivory is made for fair maidens, deep breathes. Whatever skin imperfections you may have and want to diffuse, this will take care of them including redness. You can wear this alone, with Foundation, or use the Photofocus Pressed Powder afterwards to smooth out your beautiful canvas that was created for selfies.
Wet n Wild’s Photofocus Pressed Powder ($4.99) is lightweight, has a baked like texture, and gives skin a subtle veil of smooth, silky coverage. I use this with the concealer and the combination of the two helps keep my makeup and skin matte all day with very little oil peeking through. I’m actually impressed by how well the powder sets. It does not feel cakey, dry, or settle into fine lines, and thats on top of the concealer. Everything blends perfectly together, giving skin a natural look and feel.

Overall, I give Wet N Wild’s Photofocus a B+. They could have done better with the pressed powder and concealer shade selections. Six to eight shades isn’t enough if there’s a wide color range for foundation. Shouldn’t there be an even amount of powders and concealers, to foundations? The line is still new so I’m sure there will be new shades added. Fingers crossed.

P.S. The entire line is vegan friendly! That deserves an A alone in my book.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Soap & Glory Heck of a Blot Instant Perfecting Power Primer Review:

Its been awhile since I posted a face primer hasn’t it glamour babes? Well, thats because I finally finished most of my ELF face primers, and figured to move on to a new one, which is Soap & Glory’s One Heck of a Blot Instant Perfecting Power Primer ($14 at Ulta). This Primer/Base is the pore-fect secret weapon to shine free skin. I should know! My skin gets pretty oily when it wants to and this pick was a good call on my part (pats on the back to me!). Formulated with shine bloc 12 hour matte spheres and pore shrink technology. One Heck of a Blot performs as a multi acting primer that helps: Diminish the appearance of pores

Control shine for 12 hours

Make your makeup last longer

Hide imperfections

Even out skin tone

Reduce the appearance of redness

Leaving you good to glow!
Ya just gotta love how the packaging entices you to buy this stuff! Lol.
All kidding aside, this primer really works, and I am happy I came across it. The texture of the primer itself has a creamy gel like consistency with a tinge of peach coloring that applies clear when blended into the skin; Making this perfect for all skin tones. It is also lightweight, smooth, applies evenly and easily, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t clog pores. It can be worn under or over makeup, or even by its lonesome self. There are times I don’t wear a whole lot of makeup, so, this is a nice buffer to have around when wanting to smooth out skins texture and minor surface imperfections without having to use all of the mediums. That being said, when makeup is applied skin looks absolutely flawless. I do have some slight redness from acne scarring, some large pores, and uneven skin tone, and this primer smoothed over everything. One heck of a blot reminds me of an invisible band-aid, healing everything no one, not even myself wants to see instantly. I didn’t exactly get 12 hours of shine control, it was more like 6, but it still kept my over productive sebaceous glands in check, and my makeup pristine for a full 10 hours. Oh yea, Soap & Glory and I rang in 2017 glowingly.

What do you think of Soap & Glory’s One Heck of a Blot Primer? Love or hate?

Stay beautiful! Xo.



Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream Review:

Pleasant dreams glamour babes. As you are nestled, all snug in your beds while having visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads; Pixi’s Beauty Sleep Cream ($24) will do the rest by giving skin the most cherished gift of all, hydration! And lots of it!

Infused with 100% natural mango butter, plus oils of lavender, lemon, and bergamot. This night time nutrient rich cream not only calms and balances skin-tone, but protects, nourishes, and hydrates skin during peaceful nights of slumbering.

This Beauty Sleep Cream seriously works if your skin needs a hydration boost. My skin has been super dry lately, like Shara Desert dry. The winter weather has not been cooperating with my sensitive/oily skin, stripping away most of my natural oils; leaving my skin horribly chapped, and beyond irritated. I have tried many moisturizing creams, but nothing like this one, and I was going to purchase it until I read reviews of it being too heavy, not good for oily skin, doesn’t work etc….so I was hesitant, and decided to wait. A week later I received my Pixi PR Package, and low and behold a skin treat for me! Pixi’s Beauty Sleep Cream, Hazzaaahhhh!

For an emollient rich night cream, it is super lightweight, feather light. I was dumbstruck when dispersing this delicate, buttery soft night treatment into my hand. Huh? I thought overnight treatments are supposed to be heavy textured, submersing my skin in moisture, and clogging my pores in the process, what’s the catch? I was a little confused and baffled by this, but intrigued to take it for a trial run.

Once my skin was washed, dried, and toned for the night, I was ready to get cozy with some Beauty Sleep Cream. You don’t need much really, I used about two pumps, and my skin was completely covered. It absorbs nicely and quickly into the skin as does the scent. It has a lovely aroma of lavender with under lying notes of lemon and bergamot filtering through. I found this combination to be quite calming, relaxing, and gentle on my face after a long stressful day. The perfect nightcap in my opinion, lol. Nighty-night!

Fast forward to nine hours later…..great Odin’s Raven! my skin has been transformed! Everything I had feared from the reviews did not come to fruition; clogged pores, more breakouts, skin oiler than before, it doesn’t work. Doesn’t work?! Are you crazy!?!?! This lightweight, ultra emollient formula put the moisture back into my face. My skin is much more supple, calm, and balanced after all the wind burn I endured. I don’t use Pixi’s Beauty Sleep Cream every night before bed because of the richness it carries. Depending on the severity of dryness, I tend to apply every other night or once a week if all is quiet on the skin front. You gotta know what works best for your skin type. You know it better than anyone else does.

Have you tried Pixi’s Beauty Sleep Cream? Does your skin feel like a million bucks when you awaken sleeping beauties?! I bet it does.

Stay beautiful! Xo.