J.Cat Beauty You Glow Girl Baked Highlighter Review:

Guess what glamour babes?! I have more fantabulous highlighters for you to try, and they’re affordable!

Priced at $9 each, J. Cat Beauty’s You Glow Girl Baked Highlighters in White Goddess, Twilight, and Pink Goddess have been nothing but sensational in the glow department, and I am in awe of all three.
The multi dimensional baked formula brings instant glow all day long due to high intense shimmer pigments in each shade. It is designed to compliment all skin tones and skin types. The smooth texture blends effortlessly and gives the perfect luminous finish.

J.Cat couldn’t have described it any better when it comes to their glowing girls, and I have swatches as proof!

White Goddess is a pure white gold.
Twilight is gold toned.Pink Goddess is a rose gold.Whether you’re strobing or highlighting, and need a little assistance as to where you would apply these beautiful highlighters, look no further. Below is a How to Use Tutorial compliments of J.Cat Beauty. Thank you!The formula is lightweight, finely milled, has a velvety texture, making them comfortable to wear, easy to blend, and they are insanely pigmented with a micro fine metallic finish. I gradually build layers when using the You Glow Girl highlighters. I prefer having a more natural ethereal glow as I am getting older, which these can produce (Moi, wearing White Goddess). So, my suggestion to you would be to go with a light hand, and apply gracefully. These gorgeous gals sure know how to shine bright if you let them, wink.

Stay beautiful, xo.


Pixi Endless Brow Gel Pen Review:

I did not think Pixi’s Endless Brow Gel Pen would have lived up to my expectations, but surprisingly it did glamour babes.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with brows pencils for a few reasons.
– The constant need to sharpen them. Oy! Such a pain in the caboose.
– They tend to fade and smudge over time.
– Once sharpened they never seem to hold their shape of a fine point or they break some more. Hence having the need to sharpen over and over again until you have a nub for a brow pencil, lol.
– Lastly, Why (and don’t tell me its a crooked letter), does the tip always have to break off during mid application?! Why?! No matter how lightly I apply pressure when penciling in my brows, snap, seriously?……epic fail.

Thankfully, I haven’t had three out of the four issues thus far. Sharpening the pencil is a given, considering the fact it is not a twistable pen. I’m still a happy camper regardless. 
The formulation is exactly like their Endless Silky Eye Pencils, try them if you haven’t. Simply put, they are divine. Smooth, creamy, long lasting, smudge proof, waterproof, they contain conditioning panthenol and vitamins C & E, and they glide on like butta as well. The pencil also has great pigmentation, produces full coverage and is buildable.
Go to town on building a rich brow, no matter the turn out, they’ll still look naturally beautiful.

I only wish Pixi had more shade variations. Light (neutral light taupe), Medium (neutral ash brown), and Deep (neutral cocoa grey) can work for so many. I own Medium.It is a nice shade of brown, and gives the brows lovely natural look, which I absolutely love, but I wouldn’t have mind seeing a little more warmth added into the pencil, like an auburn shade for redheads or possibly a more chocolatey color. I’m hoping more will be added to the collection. Pixi’s Endless Brow Gel Pens are something I want to invest in because they work so well, are pretty affordable ($11), and are super convenient to pick up at Target when I’m in a pinch. The color last hella long! All day, the way you applied the shade is the way it stays, and it is totally smudge proof, and water resistant. Brows be lookin on fleek erryday with this brow gel pen.

Have you tried Pixi’s Brow Gel Pen? Love? Hate? A little bit of both? Give me the scoop!

Stay beautiful, xo.


L.A. Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder Review:

Watts up, glamour babes! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, filled with lots of love, laughter, and good eats! So, as we are all trying to fathom the large amounts of food our bodies have consumed over the last fours days. I thought I’d talk about L.A. Girl’s Strobe Lite Strobing Powder to lighten the mood. Their Strobe Lite Powder highlights facial features by creating more depth and dimension where light usually hits. The soft and silky powder adds a fresh glow to any part of the face you wish to enhance. Strobe Lite can be applied alone or over makeup for a perfect glowing complexion, and I concur with all of the above.

Out of the twelve shades I chose five, even though I wanted them all, lol. You can get these on the L.A. Girl website for $9 each, but if you want to save some cabbage, check out Jet.com. Jet sells L.A. Girl’s Strobing Powder for $5.95 Each. When you add more than one, the price begins to drop, and if you spend $35 you will get free shipping, and 15% off your first purchase. I ordered 30 Watt, 40 Watt, 50 Watt, 70 Watt, and 80 Watt, subtotaling to $27, plus tax and shipping $35. I’ll take a $10 savings any day!

The twelve hues range from 10 Watt through 120 Watt, and come in tones of beautiful bronzes, soft pinks, rose golds, champagnes, to luminescent whites.

30 Watt- is a pinkish beige with a reflective silvery purple duo chrome finish.

40 Watt- is a rose gold with a coppery undertone.
50 Watt- is a soft champagne gold, which kinda reminds me of Becca’s Moonstone Pressed Highlighter.
70 Watt- is a pinkish white gold
80 Watt- is a bright white goldThese highlighters are lightweight, highly pigmented, velvety soft, smooth to the touch, apply evenly, leave no streaks, are buildable, and the compacts are huge! Even if you end up paying full price for them, they’re totally worth it. I love the diverse shade range L.A. Girl has developed for their highlighters. You cant go wrong choosing the level of intensity your skin tone (suitable for all) craves when wanting to create the perfect glow and highlight, the watts speak volumes.

Have you tried L.A. Girl’s Strobe Lite Strobing Powders?! Do you have a favorite shade in particular? Which one?! Show me the wattage!

Stay beautiful, xo.


Profusion Cosmetics Correct & Conceal Palette Review:

I have finally got a handle on things when using color correcting concealers glamour babes, and Profusion Cosmetics Correct & Conceal Palette was a big help.

I am now part of Profusion’s Beauty Exec Program. Which means, I get to try new makeup from their company on the house (Thank you Profusion for this awesome opportunity!), as long as my thoughts are honest, and submitted in a timely manner. Super simple, especially if you love makeup and enjoy reviewing the subject like I do, lol.

Profusions Correct & Conceal Palette comes with four shades of color correcting concealer to tackle some of the most common skin imperfections; Redness, sallowness, dark spots, and to brighten dark circles.

Light- corrects dark spots

Peach- corrects blue/purple, neutralizing dark circles

Green- reduces redness in skin and blemishes

Lilac-brightens dull/swallow skin

Plus, you get three beauty blending sponges! One full size sponge for larger areas, and 2 mini sponges to get into smaller areas, such as the under eyes. How awesome is that?! A set of beauty blending sponges alone cost between $15-$30. This entire kit cost only $10, and it’s totally worth trying.

The concealers are lightweight, creamy, comfortable to wear, highly pigmented, blendable, buildable, provide full coverage, do not cake up, and leave skin looking incredibly flawless once set. The compact is small enough to tote around or keep anywhere for quick touch-ups if needed. The clear window along with the plastic sleeve describing what each concealer targets makes correcting a whole lot easier. I loved Profusion’s ingenious idea so much, I actually taped the sleeve to the window of the compact so I can remember which does what, lol.
I have some redness from minor breakouts, dark circles, subtle dark spots due to cystic acne, and the texture of my skin is rather dull because of the weather transitioning into winter. To make all of those minor flaws disappear, I used all the four hues to the appropriate areas of my face, then added a little bit of liquid concealer to achieve maximum coverage when applying with the blending sponges, and voila! A new complexion was born! If you have oily skin, no need to panic, you’re in the clear. The long lasting color correcting concealers do not clog pores or make skin oilier as you wear them throughout the day. Pretty fantastic right?!

Have you tried Profusion Cosmetics Correct & Conceal Palette? No? Well, click right here to get started!

Happy shopping!

Stay beautiful, xo.