Soap and Glory Peach Party Review:

So, Soap and Glory’s Pillow Plump XXL Clearvoyance Gloss may have been a bust, but their Peach Party highlighter ($15 for 0.26 oz) is not glamour babes!

This multi color highlighter/blush brick delivers a gorgeous peach glow and creates a beautiful soft shimmer all thanks to their skin smoothing base and shimmer pearls.

Peach Party has a mix of peach, gold, and copper tones. Swirl it up or use them individually to create a multi dimensional ethereal glow that looks peachy keen all year round.

You can use this highlighter in many ways too; as a shimmery shadow, accentuating the brow bones for a more eye opening experience, a little on the décolletage, give some oomph to that cleavage gurl! Don’t be shy about it, lol.

The retro themed (kinda reminds me of benefit) compact is sleek and sturdy, and comes with a full size mirror to touch up and check out that multi-dimensional glow, whenever, wherever!

No puff is included, which is ok in my book. I always end up throwing them away, I feel that the powder puff never gets the job done quite right anyway, leaving an uneven streaky mess, which happens to make my powder brush my bestie during highlighter applications, lol.

Soap and Glory’s Peach Party Highlighter is lightweight, finely milled, highly pigmented, blends in easily, and has a pearlized finish. It is very comfortable to wear, does not clog pores, and works for all skin tones.

I love that this highlighter/blush brick gives my fair skin a little bit of warmth it needs when marrying all three shades together, especially now as we’re heading into fall. My skin looks smooth, natural, healthy, and happy! Can’t you tell?! Just look at that glow radiating off of me! Lol.

As for the color payoff, I get long lasting wear out of this highlighter, I’ll rate it at about an 8, which is good! Don’t you agree?

Now that Ulta is having a Soap and Glory BOGO sale currently going on, I think I may need to pick up Peach Party’s sister, Love at First Blush, and posssssiiiiibbbbbbly a lipstick? or maybe, just maybe their Half sister Wonderbronze?! Oy! these goils have left me too smitten to even decide, lol!

Stay beautiful! Xo.


TheBalm Cosmetics Meet Matte Hughes (Dedicated and Loyal) Liquid Lipstick Review:

Hey glamour babes! There’s someone I’d like to you meet, and he sure is swell! Meet Matte Hughes ($17) from TheBalm Cosmetics!

This lovely fella of a liquid lipstick is truly a keeper in my eyes. I mean what’s not to like about Matte Hughes?! He comes in 12 charismatic shades, and I happened to fall in love with his Loyal and Dedicated side.

Dedicated is a red berry.

Loyal is a deep red.

Long lasting (up to 8 hours or longer), light weight, comfortable to wear, vibrant, does not cake, feather, or crumble, and is easy to apply due to the ever so soft, plush doe foot wands Matte provides.

He’s the perfect gentleman when creating the perfect pout; Precise, even, beautiful, and flawless, Matte Hughes is everything a gal could ever want in a liquid lipstick.

The sweet intoxicating scent of vanilla alone makes me weak in the knees as the cool sensation of mint sends shivers down my spine as it gently absorbs into my lips. Whhhhhhewwwww, this liquid lipstick is such a charmer, I think I need a tall glass of water to cool off, lol.

As totally committed as we are, not all is perfect in our liquid lipstick love story.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love that Matte Hughes of mine, I truly do, but sometimes he can put a damper on my lips when it comes to dry down time during our application sessions. Not to worry though, he doesn’t cling on for long, he just needs a minute and we’re good to go! What can I say? My lips are that irresistible, lol.

So? What do you goils think? Is The Balm’s Meet Matte Hughes a dream or what?! I can confidently say we’re made for each other. I gotta see what his other characteristics (shades) are like. Oooooooooo, just thinking about it is making my heart skip a beat!

Stay beautiful! Xo.


TheBalm Cosmetics Mad Lash Mascara Review:

Whoa, I didn’t realize it until now, but I haven’t raved about a good mascara in forever glamour babes! How horrible of me, it is one of my favorite makeup staples after all. Have you tried TheBalm Cosmetics Mad Lash Mascara?! No? Well, you gotta. This is one science experiment that hasn’t gone awry from TheBalm, or any for that matter now that I come to think of it, lol.

The curved wand transforms lashes to new levels of height and fullness making them come ALIVE!!!! Muahahahahahaha!…..Sorry, I got a little carried away, lol. Ahem, moving on…….

The formula has a rich black finish, is lightweight, non-sticky, smudge proof (Amen to that!), water resistant, talc free, paraben free, and cruelty free, which is why I love this mascara all the more!

Mad Lash also does not flake or cake out, and is super build-able. If you’re a lash builder like me and you need to paint the town black to achieve beautifully rich, long, full bodied, voluminous lashes to last you all night through, then by all means, do you boo! TheBalm let’s you have it your way anytime of the day thanks to the long curved wand. This wand lets you grab, lift, separate, and lengthen lashes with ease. Even when it comes to those teeny, weeny, itty, bitty ones in the corners of the eyes we can never seem to grasp, therefore get ignored from time to time. Nah uh, Mad Lash gets em and straightens them out, literally!

I’m a three coater kinda gal when it comes to my mascara applications, and I had no problem doing so when using TheBalm’s. I loved how my lashes easily separated and fanned out during every coat, and did not clump or stick together. They stayed in place perfectly, creating a natural wide eyed look with tons of volume. Photo below as proof. Are you loving this mascara yet?! It’s so worth the $18, and it seriously does not smudge! I wore this for 12 hours straight, and nothing, not even when I had to rub my eyes! It’s a makeup miracle, my lashes can’t fail me now!

You can get your Mad Lash Mascara at Kohl’s, Cosmoprof and online at thebalmcosmetics.com. Watch the magic unfold.

Stay Beautiful! Xo.


Makeup Revolution Radiance Radiant Light Highlighter Palette Review:

After four days of searching I can finally call off the search party glamour babes. I found my Makeup Revolution Radiance Radiant Lights Highlighter Palette, yay! Pats on the back to me, I knew it was in my closet somewhere, I just had to dig deep. I may have discovered Naria along the way, lol.

Alright, enough of my silliness. I’m ready to compare this palette to Makeup Revolution’s Beyond Radiance for y’all!

First off, you can get both palettes at Ulta for $15 each, and right now Makeup Revolution is BOGO half off, which is a great deal if you want to compare them for yourselves (p.s. Ulta accepts returns if you are unhappy with your purchase, just keep the reciept) Plus, be sure to use Ulta’s 3.50 off coupon on top of that deal and you will get them for $19 all together plus tax. Boom! I just saved you $10, how do you like those mathematic money saving skills?! Pretty sweet huh?! I know, lol.
What was I talking about again?

Ah, yes, the palette comparisons. Last Sunday’s review was about MR’s Beyond Radiance which is a described as a highlighter palette, but in reality is more of an illuminating palette like Hourglasses Ambient light one, which creates a soft all over natural glow. Whereas, Makeup Revolutions Radiance actually is a highlighter palette having a bit more shimmer, accentuating the features with more intensity like Becca Cosmetics would.

My apologies for the confusion. I accidentally mixed up the shade names when it comes to these two palettes. Breathe, Glow, and Exhale are actually the shade names for the Radiance highlighters, and the Beyond Radiance are a complete mystery for they are nameless. Let’s just call them Mr. White, Mr. Pink, and Mr. Glow, a little Reservoir Dog humor (Quentin Tarantino film circa 1992) for you boys and gals, lol.

Breathe is a champagne, Exhale is a pink, and Glow is a golden bronze.
The Radiance Highlighters are lightweight, soft, finely milled producing some kickback like Beyond Radiance, nicely pigmented, and are set in a soft pearlized finish. I know Becca’s do carry a bit more glam in the shimmer department, but these are build-able and give off a good amount of sparkle once applied and have settled into the skin. So have at it! Apply as much of this highlighter as you like, you’ll create that beautiful golden glow in no time without it caking up or applying unevenly, and they last for hours too!

What do you think of Makeup Revolution’s Beyond Radiance and Radiance Palette? Have you tried them?! Do you think they are dupe worthy of Hourglasses or Becca’s?

Do share!

Stay beautiful, xo.